What do women like?

Woman.It's no secret that men love women, but it is also not a secret that they also like women who do not have children. There is a reason why a man likes a girl who does not have children: for the first time. The reason for this is the woman herself, which is very attractive for a man. Because the woman, unlike a man, is capable of love and caring. It is in her heart that a man is trying to find the right path, and she is ready to change, and it will be for the better.The main thing is to start a dialog, not in any case, to make the conversation too intense. In no case, do not emphasize the need to go to the end, constant interruptions or the need to wait for the conversation to continue. The moment on the first day of the meeting, it is better to leave the conversation for later, so that the girl understands exactly what the man wants, so that she can react accordingly. Leave the girl alone for a good time and take a walk, do not interfere with the woman. If you do not leave, the woman can not continue to be alone, in fact, she will not be able to do anything, because she will not be able to do anything. The girl will also not be able to enjoy the conversation herself, and will not be able to get a sense of the man's intentions.The first thing a man will see is a woman's beauty. The girl, who is already proposed by you, does not have any special qualities that will attract a man's attention. She has a normal appearance, looks like a normal girl, and does not need special treatments. She is not the center of attention. The man will understand this, and he will be interested in what the girl is talking about.The second thing a man will pay attention to is a girl's social status. When meeting a man, a girl should not be afraid to show her good qualities, because this will not only stimulate the man's interest, but also allow him to choose you for a serious relationship. The girl should not be embarrassed, so she can not leave the man and will not make a choice for him. As a result, the man will not want to have a serious relationship with a woman in the future, and this will lead to a breakup.The third thing is a man's understanding of the nature of the girl. A girl should not look down on the man, because he is not a monster who should be devoured and devoured by any means. A man should not look at the girl and say that he is happy with her, because he is also not. A man should not see a girl as a victim and not a strong and independent person. The girl should not be able to see away the man, and she will not be able to do anything