6 male mistakes in a relationship that lead to a breakup

Repeatedly, men are faced with the fact that the seemingly ideal relationship with a woman suddenly stops. If breakups happen time after time, representatives of the stronger sex come to conclusions: girls are difficult to understand, they want too much, etc. often the guys themselves are to blame for their failures. To create a strong relationship, you need to stop making mistakes that lead to a breakup.

The female psyche is very vulnerable (photo source: Yandex. Images)

1. Ignoring your partner's problems

Every woman wants to see your partner as an assistant and defender. These expectations arise from the moment when the couple is only at the stage of the candy-bouquet period, and do not disappear after marriage.

However, not all men tend to take on the burden of another person's problems. Some guys prefer not to notice or leave her alone with her troubles under the pretext that she herself must learn to solve everything. This approach destroys relationships.

2. Being stingy with kind words and compliments

There is a well-known phrase: "a kind word and a cat is nice."

Well, women are real cats that need to be praised, caressed, and cajoled with compliments. If a man does not give a companion pleasant phrases, she has doubts about the sincerity of her lover's feelings.

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3. Indecision

A man should show a girl that he is not afraid to make serious decisions and act independently. If the companion often hesitates, refuses to be the first to take steps to strengthen the relationship, the woman begins to look closely at stronger-minded guys.

4. Detachment from the partner's interests

Women like it when a companion shows interest in her hobbies, career growth, and achievements. A man doesn't have to love everything his lady does.

However, he can find common activities, listen to a passionate story a woman about her hobby. Girls appreciate it when their partner understands their aspirations and supports them in achieving their goals.

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5. Striving for total control

Must not fully occupy the entire personal space of the chosen one. She should still have the right to small women's secrets, separate pastime, secret correspondence with friends. The demand for full reporting on all actions and steps is perceived as distrust.

6. Attempts to remake the satellite

Man he must understand that having made his choice in favor of the lady, he accepts her with all the disadvantages. You can't ask a girl to become someone else, to change her own "I". If the guy is not ready to accept some of the disadvantages of a companion, the relationship will not be strong and long.

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